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The printed DVD Box Set insert includes the Musicians who helped bring stories to life in the film, and more information.

Essays on Vermont by noted writers:

A Very New Idea, Part 1 Life on the Border, by Ernest Hebert

Under the Surface, Part 2 Old Vermont and New Vermont, by Tom Slayton

Refuge, Reinvention and Revolution, Part 3 Still Living in Vermont, by Reeve Lindbergh

Doers and Shapers, Part 4 Sturdiness, by Sydney Lea

Ceres' Children, Part 5 Fin and Rye, by Ben Hewitt

People's Power, Part 6 No State is an Island, by Bill McKibben

Index PDFs on Vermont Movie content:

A Very New Idea Part 1: Download

Under the Surface Part 2: Download

Refuge, Reinvention and Revolution Part 3: Download

Doers and Shapers Part 4: Download

Ceres' Children Part 5: Download

People's Power Part 6: Download

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